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Bavli Park

Details ID:18825
  • Price: P.O.R
  • City: Tel Aviv
  • Neighborhood: Bavli
  • Availability: 4 Years
  • Type: Apartment
  • Bedrooms: 2-3-4-5-6
  • Area: 97-180
  • Floors: 32
Property description

Between the verdant fields and opulent blossoms, the winding paths and the benches where lovers may sit, a new generation of towers shall be encompassed, with absolute tenderness
In this 6 towers of 43 floors with the huge park, we are selling 2-3-4-5-6 bedrooms apartments 

                               Park Bavli Towers Project located in Bavli

the most prestigious and desirable neighborhood in Tel Aviv, is aimed at people who dream of living in the center of the city, yet still want to live close to nature and be part of a community, a neighborhood and an active social environment.
Park Bavli is slated to be completed within four years and future residents will enjoy pastoral views and green parks from the very first day in their new homes.
This new residential project will consist of 900 units in 6 separate towers on a total of 100 dunam (25 acres) of land, and will include a large park and natural forest area. This lush green area will blend into Yarkon Park and will constitute the largest residential area within a pastoral surrounding in the city of Tel Aviv.
Bavli is the northernmost neighborhood in Tel Aviv, south of the Yarkon River, and it is also one of the oldest and most desirable neighborhoods in the city, partly due to its wonderful sense of community. The neighborhood was founded in the late 1940s and it didn’t take long before it became one of the most popular areas of Tel Aviv. As Bavli has grown over the years, the neighborhood has managed to hold onto its warm feeling, and its residents’ strong love for community and nature still holds strong.
Park Bavli is sprouting from within these values: nature, open space, a feeling of community and true belonging. Park Bavliresidents will enjoy a style of living based on the simple, happy and old-fashioned Tel Aviv without having to compromise on anything or give up their dream of living an ecologically-based, innovative lifestyle.
Park Bavli will be the most unique verdant residential project in all of Israel. The six towers will be interspersed within a naturally forested area that will cover 80% of the land. Four of the towers will consist of 44 stories and the remaining two will have 34 residential floors, as well as commercial centers on other floors. A sophisticated network of underground roads and parking areas will enable the above ground green area to remain clean, quiet and pollution-free.
350 adult trees have already been planted throughout the Park in order to give the natural vegetation time to grow while the project is being constructed. There are also plans to construct a children’s playground, narrow paths that will connect the buildings to each other, benches, and also a few charming, secluded areas. None of the aboveground area will be accessible by car.
Gal Nauer, an entrepreneur and architect who is also one of the Park Bavli owners, said, “When we were creating Park Bavli, we succeeded in coming up with a completely new and innovative concept – our environmental concept is like no other. Since we were focusing on environmental issues and wanted to create a naturally green surrounding, we decided to plant the trees and shrubs now already so as to give them lots of time to mature before we begin construction.
“In addition, we wanted to do something special for the benefit of neighborhood residents and the general public too, so we created a “transparent Bavli gallery” that consists of three glass structures, in which changing exhibitions of contemporary Israeli artworks are currently being displayed.”
Nauer added, “In recent years, more and more people have been expressing a longing for communal living, neighborhood involvement, contact between neighbors, and an architectural design that is not alienated from its surroundings. That’s why we created a residential project that is intimately connected with nature.
“The buildings will be constructed from a mixture of glass, aluminum and wood, and will blend harmoniously with their green surroundings. 
The narrow paths will wind through the Park, and then rise toward the towers and public parks.”
Park Bavli offers a wide range of 3, 4, 5 or 6-room apartments. There are spacious duplexes and penthouses with large balconies, and it is even possible to purchase an entire floor. The large, green open spaces and the convenience of the towers within the city, will enable families to conduct a pleasant family life, and yet still hold onto their active social schedules and dynamic lifestyles.
The following is a sampling of apartment :
A 4-room apartment + safety room, 153 square meter + balcony of 16 square meter on the 13th floor, with a north-westerly view, 
A 5-room apartment + safety room, 171 square meter + balcony of 16 square meter on the 18th floor, with a south-westerly view, 
Each apartment has access to luxurious common areas, which offer uncompromising comfort and convenience.
Each residential tower has 24/7 security coverage and includes a charming lobby where tenants can enjoyably spend time together. There are also meeting rooms, a business lounge, an extra apartment that can be booked for overnight guests, a Gymboree for children and underground parking.
The business lounge will be equipped with advanced technological capabilities and will offer residents a quiet, comfortable work space where they can hold meetings or conference calls. Working in the business lounge is a wonderful way for residents to take care of business in a convenient and efficient manner - without ever having to leave their home!
In addition, each two buildings will share public areas such as an outdoor half-Olympic swimming pool, a lounge area adjacent to the pool (that is covered in the winter), a gym + spa that overlook the pool, as well as rooms that can be reserved for classes and events.
These common areas are fantastic places for residents to meet up with each other or to hold social gatherings, and they are crucial to the creation of a sense of community.
A public balcony on each floor
In addition to the private balconies located in each residence, there will also be eight public balconies in each Bavli tower, spread out on various floors.


Further Details
  • Sea View
  • Master bedroom
  • Large balcony
  • Large spaces
  • Extremely high building standard
  • Underground garage
  • Security 24/7
  • Large luxurious Kitchen
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Near shopping center
  • Modern
  • Swimming Pool
  • Isolated
  • Huge well-lighted living room
  • Suitable for handicap
  • Suitable for family
  • Huge park
  • Big size apartments
  • Very close to Hayarkon
  • close to KikarHamedina
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