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לחץ לחיפוש נכסים

There is only one ecological house like that for rent

Details ID:27474
  • Price: 35000 NIS
  • City: Herzliya
  • Neighborhood: Herzliya
  • Availability: Immediate
  • Type: Villa / House
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Area: 400
  • Ground size: 1000
Property description

The owners of this ecological residence that built on an 1 dunam of land, wanted it to be environmentally
friendly, harmonious with the elements, and save water and electricity

With a Matisse cutout copied in the pool, a rainwater collection system for home use, recycled shower water for the garden and solar lighting, it can be said to be an exceptional home. The owners wanted a comfortable, aesthetic and ecological home in every way. They wanted a warm, casual and unsophisticated look

There is no expensive furniture in this house." With Turkish thin wool rugs on the simple tile floor, and pine cones as decoration, the ecological awareness is definitely entering
The house is built in a way that takes into account sunlight and how it changes at different times of the day and year. Also the wind patterns and how they affect life, And an urgent need to save and recycle water in every way possible

The house is located in Herzliya, border of Ramat Hasharon, in a green and quiet neighborhood on one side, and minutes from the highway to Tel Aviv

The first thing the homeowners did was consult an ecological consultant
They purchased a wind measuring device and they often came to check the wind activity, especially speed and direction in the area at different times and seasons

For a good quality of life, the wind that flows in the house is an important factor,In terms of cooling the house, there are huge savings in operating the air conditioning
Sunlight is designed to enter every day of the year at different times of the day. Therefore the positions of the windows were installed in order to maximize the light, but keep away the strongest sun
In the summer heat, it is maintained by the carefully measured angle, and by shutters with remote control, if necessary

The main living and sleeping rooms are on the second floor. The owners wanted the best airflow and views from the windows and patio 
On the way to the first floor, there are railings painted in blue and a tied wire mesh that prevents children from falling

The kitchen with red Formica is where the filtered rainwater is stored
Above the work desk is a solar device from the ceiling that provides free light. The bedrooms overlook the garden and the pool. Wherever possible, the bathroom is tiled in a home mosaic with a floor-to-ceiling
window above the pool where you can shower and look out over nature
The house has a large garden and 60 Sqm size swimming pool
 Garden area and pool: 700 sqm

Further Details
  • Master bedroom
  • Central Location
  • High ceilings
  • Sun Terrace
  • Large spaces
  • Quiet
  • Well-tended garden
  • Suitable for family
  • Kitchen Island
  • Ecological house
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