Yoram Indik
לחץ לחיפוש נכסים

Property valuation

Yoram Indik is an expert in marketing the most valuable houses and villas in Israel. The company specializes in expertise and management of houses, apartments and penthouses in the most desirable locations of Israel, like luxury apartments in Tel Aviv, villas in Afeka, Tel Barouch and Tsehela, as well as houses and mansions for sale in Kfara Shmaryahu; large villas in west area of Ramat Hasharon and prestigious houses in Herzeliya Pittuach. Splendid houses in Arsuf, plots and houses for sale in Caesarea and farms in the Hasharon settlements.
Some of the properties are being evaluated as gems or real art pieces; the evaluation is based on a database of local and international clients, whom are interested in those exceptional properties. The evaluation of the extremely rare and prestigeous properties, are been expertized personally by Mr. Yoram Indik. Other properties will be evaluated by our company experts, who will be in touch with you in the most discreet way.
The assessment of the information given to us by this questionnaire is in no way a replacement of a professional property appraisal.

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