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Bauhaus Properties

Most people, especially the residents of Tel Aviv, have heard the word “Bauhaus” more than once, and many of them can probably tell you that it refers to a particular style of building. But the word actually referred to the Staatliche's Bauhaus, an art school in Germany that initially combined crafts and fine arts, and later included architecture. The students of the school, which operated for less than 15 years between the two world wars, developed a new and unusual style, which quickly spread to many countries around the world, so that it became known as the International Style. Many people err when they refer to the International Style as Bauhaus.

Finding a Bauhaus property in Israel

Today, more people plan Bauhaus-style buildings than in recent decades. The trend is especially notable in private home construction, where the unusual style is considered perfect for building luxury properties. Israel is home to several architectural firms specializing in this construction style, and real estate agents offering luxury properties can find you a private home designed in this different and intriguing style. If you want to live in a property with a special style that transcends time and place, a Bauhaus home is perfect for you.

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