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Properties for sale in Netanya

Netanya ("gift of god") is a city in the northern central district of Israel, and is the capital of the surrounding Sharon area and is located between Tel-Aviv to Haifa.

Every year thousands of tourists visit in Netanya from South America and Europe, Especially France and Great Britain. Netanya has high tourism boost thanks to its coastal strip and nature reserves that are around.
This is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel, A City that offering you world-class life style, astonishingly beaches, wild cliffs, rare nature reserves and green parks. You will find in Netanya entertainment as shopping, cafes, restaurants, theaters and more.

Yoram Indik is a boutique real estate company that will be happy to share with you our professional knowledge and practical experience in selling luxury properties in Netanya. We have the necessary experience to identify the best areas for investment. Each of our staff members will be happy to assist you and explain the differences and the different characteristics of each region, and will give you a full support from the first step.

Contact today and you will get the best information and advice that you need about luxury real estate in Netanya.

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