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לחץ לחיפוש נכסים

Apartments on the shoreline

Our company, which markets luxury properties, is considered to be one of the leading boutique real estate firms in Israel, notable for its professionalism, innovation, and stellar reputation. Yoram Indik specializes in the sale of penthouses, private homes, luxury apartments, Bauhaus buildings, eclectic buildings, magnificent villas, and properties on the shoreline in Tel Aviv, Herzliya Pituach, Kfar Shmaryahu, and the Sharon region.

Luxury sea line apartments

To wake up to the sound of the waves lapping the seashore, to see the sea changing its colors throughout the course of the day and through the changing seasons, to come home to a quiet place, to get away from the mad and overloaded world out there – that’s what a house on the shoreline is: the perfect place to form your most luxurious memories.

The project of finding a house on the shore is our opportunity to show you stunning properties right on the water. Buying a shoreline property is a purchase that requires serious consideration and thought about a vast range of economic factors. When talking about a large, long-term investment, you must consult with a professional, so that your home does not become an economic burden with the passage of time.

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