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Luxury apartments

Luxury apartments are constructed on the basis of five cardinal rules – pillars for the entire concept:

  • Art – there is an artistic statement that gives the house an impressive, unique appearance
  • Comfort – a luxury atmosphere is essential to allow a life of maximum comfort and convenience
  • Spatial design – luxury apartment designers have the ability to turn an existing space into a prestigious one with the best possible utilization of that space
  • Advanced materials – the construction and design will always use high-quality, durable materials
  • The most advanced technology – all the latest design updates and innovations, the most sophisticated, newly developed electronics, will be inserted right into the walls of the home.

These five basic elements are only a tiny portion of those that make an apartment truly attractive and luxurious.

What is a luxury apartment?

So what, exactly, is a luxury apartment, and how does it differ from a penthouse? Are luxury apartments really as unaffordable as we all think they are?

When thinking about housing, we tend to ignore the luxury niche, because for most of us it feels like a waste of time. But the truth is that it simply isn’t so. The work of an expert designer can turn any apartment, even the smallest, into a luxurious one. And if you thought it involves enormous amounts of money, you’re wrong. Money is not always the crux. The “luxury apartment” moniker can be applied to two different situations: a high-end apartment, and an apartment with luxurious design. The two seem different but are actually very similar, opening more doors to a large potential clientele.

Luxury apartments are designated as such because they are usually located in upscale neighborhoods. The living experience is manifested in opulent buildings with exclusive design, and luxuries such as a private gym, a doorman, a magnificent lobby, a swimming pool, and of course breathtaking views seen from every window. Of course, one mustn’t forget the special apartment design either, which must entail only the best raw materials. It is safe to assume that the furniture is designed by world famous artists and designers, so that it, too, contributes to the elitist look. When all these elements converge, an apartment will cost three times the average price and it will be called none other than a “luxury apartment.”

It is important to note that everything begins and ends with the designer one chooses. One can find many luxurious apartments far from Israel’s center, on kibbutzim and moshavim, precisely because the designer chosen turned the home into a wonderfully designed luxurious one, with proper utilization of furniture and interior design.

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