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Luxury Villas

If you are considering or actively planning a move to one of the most prestigious locations in Israel, a residence on the shoreline, a designer villa in Herzliya Pituach or Caesarea, or a ritzy Tel Aviv neighborhood, such as Afeka, the alleys of Yehuda Hamaccabi, Shikun Tzameret or Shikun Haktzinim – we will provide consultation on buying and selling such deluxe properties. After forming your opinion as a client, we will present you with an exclusive roster of luxury villa properties you may buy or rent through Yoram Indik.

Finding Deluxe Villas for Sale and Rent

In ancient Rome, when noblemen sought an escape from the daily grind of the city, they would get away to their villas in the country. Those luxury villas were magnificent rural estates, surrounded by huge vineyards and by vegetable gardens. The Roman villa was home to the upper classes only, which created a gap between them and those who worked the land and lived in nearby shacks.

Today, when we use the word “villa,” we really mean a private, low-rise dwelling, surrounded by private land. It can easily resemble a family cottage. Luxury villas are available in the most desirable parts of the country, in a range of magnificent styles and unique designs, with a wealth of fashionable status symbols. Some are incredibly lavish, very large homes with high ceilings, ornate front doors, glass bricks, large-tile flooring, extensive gardens, swimming pools, fitness rooms, home cinemas, and anything else your heart may desire.

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