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Garden apartments

A garden apartment is an apartment with a private garden that is nonetheless part of a condominium building. The demand for garden apartments has increased in the last decade. They are especially popular with people who have dreamed of living in a villa but cannot afford the cost. Garden apartments can now be found in many new developments at relatively convenient prices. In Israel’s economic reality, where it is tough to buy your private dream house, a garden apartment is an elegant and appropriate solution. The garden apartment is a relatively new concept in the architectural jargon; it came into use about a decade ago to provide a high-quality option for people dreaming of a private villa. If, previously, the private grounds of a condominium building belonged to all the residents, today they belong exclusively to the owners of the ground floor apartments.

The cost advantage of garden apartments

The cost of garden apartments is considerably lower than the cost of single-family houses, including in terms of municipal taxes and maintenance of the garden (which is usually smaller than in private homes). Living in a garden apartment is a pleasant, family-oriented experience, especially thanks to the privilege of the private garden where you can splurge on plants, fruit trees, a vintage swing bench, or a slide for the children.

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